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"Creating Strong4Me Fitness has been an important journey that I’m excited to share! Our goal is for women to feel strong, confident and beautiful, not for anyone else, but for themselves!”

Ben Bruno

For Strong4Me, Bruno has created a series of powerful exercises designed to strengthen women's bodies and build lean, strong muscles to help them move through their day and perform at their peak.

Build Confidence. Build Strength. Build You.

Designed by Kate Upton and her acclaimed trainer, Ben Bruno, to transform the lives of busy women everywhere, the Strong4Me Fitness program combines powerful exercises in deliberate sequence to slim, tone and strengthen the female body 30 minutes at a time.

strong4me fitness guide
  • low-impact


    Methodical, low-impact exercises build strength without harming joints.

  • minimal-equipment

    Minimal Equipment

    You don’t need a gym to be strong. Work out anywhere, anytime.

  • built-for-every-woman

    Built for Every Woman

    Exercises specifically designed to tone and strengthen busy women.

  • efficient-and-effective

    Efficient and Effective

    Powerful exercises build strength and confidence in 30 minutes.

A Fitness Program Built for Women Who Do It All

Finding a place for fitness and wellness isn’t easy, but it’s essential. Join a community of women committed to improving their wellbeing by taking 30 minutes each day to get Strong4Me.
Feel Strong

When you feel strong, you feel confident. And confidence is something no woman should ever be without. A workout any woman can do wherever is the foundation of Strong4Me. Take 30 minutes to care for yourself, build your confidence and become stronger.

Look Strong

The truth is, you don’t need tons of cardio and high impact exercises to achieve a slim, strong figure. Ben Bruno’s philosophy of methodical strength and resistance training helped Kate Upton achieve lean, strong muscle tone by targeting specific muscle groups and focusing on the metabolic benefits of strength training. Strong4Me gives women the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals and adopt an active lifestyle.

Be Strong

Strength training doesn’t mean bulk training. Powerful, low-impact exercises are sequenced to sculpt the female figure gradually yet dramatically. Be strong for your family, for your career but most importantly, be strong for you!