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Strong4Me is the workout for busy women on the go. Created by Kate Upton and her personal trainer, Ben Bruno, to help women of any fitness level build strength and confidence so they can be strong for their lives. Strong4Me fits into busy schedules and was created to provide sustainable lifestyle changes that keep you energized, motivated and balanced - no matter how hectic your day-to-day becomes.

Creating a healthy lifestyle takes time and motivation. Strong4Me gives you the tools to build a foundation of healthful living that you can continue to customize and adjust to compliment your lifestyle.

The strength and confidence that follows powerful workouts and nutritious meals can help set in motion a lifestyle transformation that values you and your happiness above all.

Find Your Strength. Find Your Confidence. Find What Makes You Strong.


Kate's Story

After beginning her career at the age of 15, Kate Upton realized that she needed to stay healthy to handle the demands of modeling. Late nights, early mornings and long days didn’t leave much time for a solid fitness routine. Rather than let the stress of keeping her image tear her down, she sought the help of many professional personal trainers. After eight years of searching for the perfect formula, she began training with Ben Bruno. His practical philosophy of strength and resistance training proved to be powerful and challenging. She felt strong and confident that she would be able to accomplish anything. 

Knowing that all women struggle to achieve the right balance in their lives, and the importance of caring for yourself, she wanted to share her knowledge with the world. She and Ben Bruno created this workout to teach women how to effectively exercise and give them the confidence they need to rule their days, no matter what they are doing.

Ben Bruno

Ben Bruno is one of the most accomplished trainers in the world. His style is practical, simple and focused on making sure that his clients achieve their results in the most effective way possible. For Strong4Me, Bruno has created a series of powerful exercises designed to strengthen women's bodies and build lean, strong muscles to help them move through their day and perform at their peak.